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We know so much more about how to heal. Post-traumatic growth is possible.

Over the years, many solutions have been discovered that help process traumatic events and overcome attachment (childhood) traumas.

There are two main kinds of healing practices:

Top-down tools use your brain to shift how the mind-body system is working. We call these Cognitive.

Bottom-up tools use your body to shift how the mind-body system is working. We call these Somatic.

Learning healing skills creates mental flexibility.

The more tools that we learn, the more we can personalize them for our own bodies, our context, and our preferences. Everyone is different. While this community plans to share healing tools, you are the expert on your own experiences.

It’s important to pay attention to your body - is it going into fight/flight or freeze? Are the alarms getting more quiet? The pathways towards calm, safety, and connection are the ones to explore.

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