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Our community heals together through trauma awareness, finding solutions by sharing information.

The more that we learn together, the more that we can create paths to heal childhood wounds and stop intergenerational cycles. Trauma is passed down not just in our behaviors but in our genes. Healing these wounds can heal the past and future generations.


Forming communities of practice around each tool will help everyone stay safe, learn from each other, and provide support. This isn’t about diagnosis or treatment - it’s about nervous system resets and personalized pathways.


It’s hard to be on this journey. Examining these wounds can be uncomfortable, even painful. Having a safe community to grow together makes the path to growth manageable. If life is about meaning and connection, this is the journey we’re on together.


A community of practice is founded on emotional and physical safety, respect for each other’s differences, encouragement of all paths, and mutual care. Together, we can become a community where healing is possible.

We believe in a strength-based model

The Modern Trauma community is not a physician- or therapist-run space. It’s yours. Every idea mentioned in the Modern Trauma book and on Tiktok can be explored here. We want to provide a safe space for you to find paths to wellbeing that are personal and supported. It’s the strength of each of you, and your commitment to one another, that forms a healing community.

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Christine Gibson MD

Meet the founder of the community,
Christy Gibson MD

Christy has been a family doctor for over two decades. Working in health equity spaces, she realized that most medical and physical illness she managed was related to trauma. She embarked on a life-changing path to study with the brightest researchers and the most effective tools she could find. From Gabor Maté to Bessel van der Kolk, from the alphabet soup of trauma tools to clowning with Patch Adams, from her own healing due to healthcare and personal pain to working with hundreds of patients - Christy is eager to share what she knows. Her intention is not to be a trauma guru, but to be a catalyst helping you spin your own web of healing and emerge feeling strong, feeling safe, and feeling connected. Learn more about her credentials, book her for speaking gigs, and find out about her work in global health and social innovation here.

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