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Nurturing your path to post-traumatic growth.

Trauma is the way that our body responds to events in our lives, whether it’s “complex” trauma from childhood or specific things that happen. Both kinds live in our “threat detection” centres of the brain.

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Trauma is not the event that happens. It’s our body’s response to that event.

Something inside our brain gets hurt and this changes our nervous system. We believe that the world is no longer safe. Trauma responses become reflexive ways that we deal with people and with our expectations of the future.

About Trauma

Luckily, there are so many ways to manage trauma.

While the nervous system and brain have long-term effects after experiencing trauma, there are many ways to heal. Through the brain, through the body, but mostly through relationships that are safe and consistent.

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Welcome to the modern trauma community.

We believe that trauma is something that can be healed, so we experiment together. Learning different practices, teaching each other, shifting things to account for our context.

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